About Can Jaya

Can Jaya packages are designed & developed on customer-oriented basis, we are more than willing to address customers needs in designing packages complementary to your products. Beyond designing, Can Jaya is backed by years of production experience and focused on creative and innovative design.

✓ Flexible variants of height , length & diameter
In packaging, we believe that customers should have variety of design choices on the package of product. Hence, we strive to be able to deliver and meet the needs of unique canister configuration

✓ Tailored services & recommendations
In our field, we are certainly glad to recommend and advise on the suggestions on canisters that fit your requirements, inclusive of labelling, filling & closing options. We take it a step further in facilitating your canning process by offering leasing and seaming services

✓ Ease of Handling & Durability
Can Jaya products won’t be damaged easily when transporting. Don’t worry about repackaging after opening, it is re-closeable. So, it will remain fresh longer, leading to less food wastage

✓ Convenient & well-suited for multiple events
Can Jaya packaging is suitable for long-traveling snack, it is re-closeable and easier to carry. That are portable to protect the product inside so it will always retains the same great look and taste

✓ Cost-competitive & after sales support
“It takes two to tango” is a saying that holds truth. Hence, at Can Jaya we know that our pricing takes into account of customer’s budget range. Can Jaya offers technical support and after sales services in the selection of suitable machinery support. Furthermore, Can Jaya ensure the food safety secure which has HACCP certificate.

Truly, Can Jaya is your trusted Partner.



We all love to snack, whether we having the snack alone or have a quick bite with group of friends. Little snack could stave off hunger while you’re on the go. Packaging of snack is the first option of consumers, the portability of product will be more engaging to busy consumers who are on short time and require an easy and intuitive solution. Your customers will have a positive brand experience on your products and become repeat buyers. Different kind of food should deserve a safety, portable and durable packaging yet being unique.

Can Jaya is eligible to all the conditions. Can Jaya is backed by years of production experience and excellent for the following products groups:

Can Jaya paper canister provide different sizes your individual needs 201.5” / 206” / 211” / 300” / 307” / 401” / 502” / 603”. Height is between 85mm - 260mm (as customer request). Individualized labelling for product presentation / sales promotion. Full range of innovative, high-quality materials, labelling and finishing techniques.

Quality Management

Quality Management

Highest standards products as our promise for your success. For your trust. At Can Jaya, we leave absolutely nothing to chance when it comes to hygiene and quality. Current consumer trend known as “Mindful eating”. Our highly focus on hygiene management system by continuously examine and optimizes our production processes.

Can Jaya management meets ISO9001:2015 standards and follow HACCP principles geared towards controlling qualities and variables in the design conditions rather than solely relying on end-product testing as well as environmental protection and occupational safety guide.

These are entirely for the public food safety as we are in carry out the above mentioned steps from start till the end of packaging.

We carry out the above mentioned steps from start till the end of packaging line as we are genuinely concerned with the public food safety that consumers will be getting.

Green Environmental

Green Environmental

✓ Focus on environmentally friendly, resource-conserving and energy saving production

✓ Improve the mechanical technology to reduce the range of waste

✓ Company-wide quality and hygiene management

✓ High quality responsibly sourced materials

Customer Impact

Customer Impact

CanJaya clearly knows that companies want their products to stand out from the sea of sameness in market. Which is why they want a partner with innovative and creative packaging.

A flexible top membrane provides branding opportunities for companies, but also reduction in production costs compared to most closure system out in the market today. With customizable cutting patterns and performance of Can Jaya, the possibility of eye-catching canisters for consumer is now within reach.

Can Jaya have concluded that consumers will be open to the idea of a printed membrane for several different market. With us as your partner, quality is assured 100% and we will keep striving forward to improve our mechanical technology to deliver the best packaging in the whole marketing field.

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